Jack and Stish were my grandparents - Jack was a textile designer and Stish an artist and practicer of home crafts.  They met in New York after Jack immigrated from Europe in the 1930s and they savored clothing and design as a way to express their creative freedom and to celebrate their lives and their connections with others.  Their commitment to design and the love they shared inspire me to make this line of clothing and home goods, which is a merging of art and life, style and comfort, past and future.

Starting with images from cultural memory, such as video games, cartoons, and photos of everyday life, I design patterns and have them digitally woven into blankets.  People love the blankets at home so I started making things they could wear in daily life like jackets, shawls and scarves.  Each design has emerged organically - responding to what I like and what wearers like.

Thanks for your interest in Jack and Stish.